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Product Information 

roller shutters add security

All our shutters are Australian made and are manufactured right here in South Australia with the highest of quality.

We use curve slats in our roller shutters over flat slats, as we find they roll up a lot easier, have less issues with them closing.

They reduce the space needed in the head box giving you a smaller head box and a better over all look.

Our shutters provide protection from
- Wind

- Heat

- Cold

- Noise

all whilst giving you added security and privacy!

Reduction in Heating and Cooling costs

 Built from tough and lightweight aluminium with a dense PU foam core, our roller shutters provide the perfect insulating properties. They are perfect at reducing your cost to keep the heat out in summer and the warm in, in winter, saving you money on your electricity bills.

Noise Reduction

With the thick insulating PU foam core, our roller shutters and highly effective at reducing exterior noise from traffic, neighbours, schools and they have been known to reduce noise transfer by up to 50%.

Huge choice of colour and profiles

With our fantastic colour range you have the option to create the perfect look for your home, from modern to traditional. 

Our colour selections is matched with the colour bond range so you are able to match your shutters perfectly to your home. You can also have the option (addition fee applies) to powder coat your shutter to the colour of your choice. 

Operating Options 

Choose from Manual, Battery or Electric options

We have the option to suit every need and budget. 

Battery and Electric being the most popular in choice with the convenience of a button or switch. 

Electric option comes with electrician supplied. 
Also ask us about adding a Wi-Fi Hub to operate your shutters! Now you can conveniently operate them away from home.  


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